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About Us

Founded in 2014 by Biologist Billy Litmer, Honest Eco was formed “to Spread the Value Of Conservation”. To work towards this mission Honest Eco uses Sustainable Nature Tours, Community Outreach and Leadership within the industry. Honest Eco is best known for their Dolphin Watch and snorkel trips, which stand out because of a focus on the needs of both the animals and their guests. Operating with strongly held values and principles about conservation and ethical eco-tourism resonated with Honest Eco’s guests, and after only two years of operation, Honest Eco was able to set out to design and then build, from scratch, the first Lithium-Ion hybrid Electric boat for Charter in United States. The boat, named SQUID, has been in operation since 2019 and has increased the quality of the Honest Eco experience while decreasing their environmental impact, leading to Honest Eco attaining Trip Advisor’s Top Rated spot for all tours in Key West.


Our Vision

When people view and treat the environment as being as precious as their family, children and friends, then we will find a healthy planet that can sustain all its inhabitants for future generations.

• To use amazing wildlife experiences to help foster conservation.

• Inspire ourselves and others to make decisions that include the good of the environment.

• Position ourselves as leaders in sustainable, mindful Eco Tours


Sustainable Nature Tours

We are guests of Mother Nature, and having as little impact as possible is central to how we operate. Whether it is reducing our carbon footprint or our use of plastic, we work daily to improve, to do more and to do better.

  • First Wild Dolphin Watch in the Florida Keys
  • First to remove Single Use plastic water bottles from trips
  • First Electric Charter boat in the United States!

We do just about everything the hard way! From scratch, and with our own hands. Whether its capturing wildlife on video, designing and building the first electric charter boat in the country, or designing and printing our own T-Shirts.

We are lucky to have Turner Harrison as our Creative Director!

Our Dolphin Watch Origins

Honest Eco’s first Eco Tour- Dolphin Watch The Key West Original, was born in 1986, when Ron Canning, a man with a vision of how wild dolphins and people should interact, started the first wild dolphin excursion on our island. With his oversight and the customized boat Patty C., Dolphin Watch became a Key West fixture. Now, after nearly thirty years of storied Dolphin Watch trips, we carry on this sense of high-quality discovery that Dolphin Watch is known for.

To expand our impact, and bring the quality Dolphin Watch is known for to other eco tour genres, we have added a second boat, E.O. Wilson, to run our Nature Watch Kayak & Snorkel Tour and our Yoga at Sea SUP yoga trip. We work hard to make Honest Eco™ famous for our genuine Key West Eco Tours.

Environmental Educators

We treat you, our guests, just as we would in our own home. With attention to detail and a friendly sense of humor, we strive to answer any and all questions and create a comfortable experience. Between our environmental expertise and thoughtful hospitality, we provide a truly unique eco experience in the region.

  • ​Guided
  • Friendly from the start!
  • And we keep the bathroom on the boat very clean. Someone in your group is going to love to hear that!
Honest Eco WILD Dolphin Tour!

AMAZING experience! This is our second trip with Honest Eco and cannot recommend it enough. The captains are personable and so knowledgeable and they truly care about the well-being of the dolphins. We loved every minute of both trips and plan to do another one soon- it’s our number one reason to visit Key West!

Lara H.
5 Star Experience

Clean, friendly and welcoming, plus it was environmentally friendly and sustainable. We saw dolphins, a lot of them within minutes of getting out of the harbor. Captain Katy/Katie was super awesome, knowledgeable and informative. Snorkeling was really enjoyable and she led us of on a great adventure. She even prepared a wonderful fruit plate for us after we were in the water.

There are a lot of companies offering this type of service but they deserve their 5 star reputation. Do yourself the favor of indulging yourself with the adventure they provide.

Jason S.