• Remote Mangrove Islands
  • Calm backcountry waters
  • From a respectful distance
    View Dolphins
  • Kayaking the Wildlife Refuge
  • Calm Locations
    Guided Snorkeling
  • 249 Species of Birds
All the Above

*NEW* Leave the crowds at the dock and your watch at home, it’s worth spending a little extra time to truly experience the nature of Key West with our All the Above trip!

With enough space to breathe aboard our wide open sailing catamaran, and an Honest Eco guide to help open up our local, natural ecosystem for you, Why would you start your day any other way?

Snorkel, Kayak, Sail, enjoy Organic Lunch and search for dolphins, on Honest Eco’s All the Above trip you don’t have to choose what to do! We’ve built this trip so that you can take it in like a local nature lover would. If you care more about your nature experience than the party while you are on your eco tour, then your search has ended!

While we became famous from our Dolphin Watch and Snorkel trip, Our All the Above trip is a great platform for experiencing and learning about the unique Key West waters, with a focus on the ecosystem, conservation, sustainability, and ethical wildlife viewing.

*Now that we have a Sailing Catamaran, don’t forget to add on a Key West Sunset Sail with an Honest Eco Twist!

• Kayak, Snorkel, Sail, Organic Lunch, Dolphin Watch
• Biologist trained crew! Guided Kayaking and Snorkeling
• Boards at 9:15am, trip is ~ 6 Hours (Nature Dependent)
• Join a small group on our spacious catamaran. Over 1000 sq ft of deck space.
• Organic Fruit and Lunch Catered by Date and Thyme

Kayaks are Great for Exploring the Refuge.

To experience the best the Wildlife Refuge has to offer, you have to get shallow and you have to get close! Kayaks are stable, easy to use and are environmentally low impact.

Before we venture out, you’ll receive a tutorial on how to maneuver your kayak.

We typically kayak for an hour or more and you can bring water bottles from our cooler.

Discover many different Species of Fish, Birds and Plants.

Peer into the water to see what fish or invertebrates like to hang out in the protection of the mangrove roots. Gaze over the shallow flats at low tide to see the herons and wading birds, patiently working for their meals, or maybe you’ll get to see a horseshoe crab as it labors by.

The best part is, you never know what you’re going to see, and sometimes it’s more about the serenity of the surroundings than checking a list. The only thing we really know is that you’re going to love it.


“The best way to see a fish, is to become a fish.” -Jacques Cousteau

We built SQUID to access protected, calm and clear snorkeling spots so that our crew can point out the most wildlife as they guide you on your snorkel.

• Quality Cressi Snorkel Gear that works

• Patient Instruction and Assistance, especially great for Novice and Beginner Snorkelers


One of the oldest Wildlife Refuges in the country, KWNWR was established by Teddy Roosevelt in 1908, to protect a crucial habitat and breeding ground for birds, turtles and other wildlife. The refuge’s size is 300 square miles and only 1% of that is comprised of the mangrove islands, yet their canopies provide shelter for 250 species of birds, their trunks house the mangrove crabs and their roots exhibit a microcosm of life as juvenile species, both prey and predator, begin their lives here.

Our Crew

We are grateful for many things at Honest Eco, but nothing compares to our gratitude for the people who work to deliver on our promises and work towards our Company Vision - day in and day out!

Crew training starts on land with research and mission alignment before moving onto the water where we hone our seamanship skills and work to become as effective as possible at delivering on Honest Eco’s Purpose.

Our crew are expected to be continuously learning and pushing Honest Eco to be as environmentally responsible as possible.

Sailing Catamaran

Sailing is an amazing experience when you have the time! Join us aboard our Sailing Catamaran for our All The Above Trips that include Kayaking, Snorkeling, sailing and an organic lunch from Date and Thyme, or if you are in the mood for a relaxing evening while watching a beautiful sunset, we have options that vary throughout the year!

Exactly what we were hoping for!
December 22 2022

Absolutely loved this tour. Short walk from downtown Kw, knowledgeable staff and crew. Would go again in a heartbeat!

Connie J.
Great Tour!
December 20 2022

Great tour! Especially the small group size is a big bonus. We really enjoyed the tour.

Awesome guides!

Ester S.
Don't do Anything Else!
November 02 2022

Cant’ say enough about Honest Eco! Don’t go anywhere else! The trips are very family friendly, with an extremely knowledgeable and caring crew that create a feeling of intimate adventure on the water. Local organic food and reusable water bottles on the trip! Awesome time, awesome people, awesome company!

Cori A.