• All of the Above
    Dolphin Watch, Kayak & Snorkel
All the Above

Sustainable Nature Tours, operated by Biologists, aboard our Electric Boat.

Experience all the wildlife that the Key West National Wildlife Refuge has to offer with Honest Eco’s All the Above Eco Tour.

  • Kayak the mangroves
  • Snorkel calm and clear locations
  • Watch wild coastal Dolphins
  • Enjoy Organic Snacks from Date and Thyme!

Aboard SQUID our custom designed and purpose built, electric boat.
SQUID provides the ultimate platform for experiencing and learning about the unique Key West ecosystem. Our sustainable nature tours are run by biologists on an electric boat and focus on the ecosystem, conservation, sustainability and ethical wildlife viewing.

• Kayak, Snorkel AND Watch Dolphins!
• Includes Organic Lunch from Date and Thyme!
• $145 / person (plus sales tax)
• 5 ½ Hours
• Departs Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:30 AM
• Filtered water in Reusable bottles provided
• Aboard SQUID
Our Crew

We are grateful for many things at Honest Eco, but nothing compares to our gratitude for the people who work to deliver on our promises and work towards our Company Vision - day in and day out!

Crew training starts on land with research and mission alignment before moving onto the water where we hone our seamanship skills and work to become as effective as possible at delivering on Honest Eco’s Purpose.

Our crew are expected to be continuously learning and pushing Honest Eco to be as environmentally responsible as possible.


Introducing SQUID! Key West’s first Electric Powered charter boat and one of the first near coastal hybrid catamarans to make it through the challenging United States Coast Guard certification process.

We worked with David Walworth, an MIT educated Naval Architect and Principal Engineer known for his high efficiency catamaran designs to help design and engineer the perfect boat for our trips. We then packed up the family, moved west and spent the next year and a half of our lives building SQUID, from scratch!