• since 1986
    Patty C.
  • for exploring...
    E.O. Wilson
Our Boats

​All of our boats are thoughtfully customized for operating our Honest Eco Tours. While Patty C. is a specialist that operates only Dolphin Watching and Snorkeling Trips- E.O. Wilson is our multitool! She runs our Kayaking Eco Tour and can be outfitted with four tandem kayaks or seven Stand Up Paddleboards for our SUP Yoga. E.O. Wilson also works as an excellent platform for watching dolphins when our guests ask.


While Watching Dolphins, the loudest noise Honest Eco’s electric boat makes comes from her water cooling pumps (and we can turn those off).

Introducing SQUID! One of the first Lithium Ion Battery, Electric Passenger boats in the USA.

We worked with David Walworth, an MIT educated Naval Architect and Principal Engineer known for his high efficiency catamaran designs to help design and engineer the perfect boat for our trips. We then packed up the family, moved west and spent the next year and a half of our lives building SQUID, from scratch!

Patty C. - RETIRED

Patty C. is a large catamaran with a stable, extra gentle ride and is the perfect boat for the Dolphin Watch™ trips she has been running for 30 years. Originally designed as a coastal cruising sailboat, she was thoughtfully customized with our guests experience in mind, allowing her to run the best wild dolphin trips on the island!

Patty C., has lots of great features!

• Refreshingly quiet motors

• Unobstructed views for watching dolphins

• Large cabin and full size bathroom

• Her best feature: Space!,

In addition to the great dolphin watching and snorkeling, you can soak up the rays or relax in the shade, and what that provides sit and reflect as your worries wash away with her wake.

E.O. Wilson - RETIRED

Our Backcountry Explorer

E.O. Wilson is the perfect boat for a Key West Eco Tour in the shallow backcountry waters of the Key West National Wildlife Refuge. There is an old adage that says, “every boat is a compromise” but we struggle to find any on E.O. Wilson. She is quick enough, shallow draft, fuel efficient, comfortable, and can haul all the Kayaking and Stand Up Paddleboard gear we need, and she looks great doing it too! We customized her for exactly what we need, so whether you want to do SUP Yoga, a Kayak tour, or a dolphin tour - E.O. Wilson is the boat for you!