• Patty C.
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Patty C. - RETIRED

Patty C. is a large catamaran with a stable, extra gentle ride and is the perfect boat for the Dolphin Watch™ trips she has been running for 30 years. Originally designed as a coastal cruising sailboat, she was thoughtfully customized with our guests experience in mind, allowing her to run the best wild dolphin trips on the island!

Patty C., has lots of great features!

• Refreshingly quiet motors

• Unobstructed views for watching dolphins

• Large cabin and full size bathroom

• Her best feature: Space!,

In addition to the great dolphin watching and snorkeling, you can soak up the rays or relax in the shade, and what that provides sit and reflect as your worries wash away with her wake.

• 31' x 14' catamaran makes for the largest boat in its class
• Over 400 square feet of deckspace!
• Regular size bathroom
• Twin 4 stroke Yamaha motors are very quiet
• Cabin to stow all your belongings
Spacious Bow
Spacious Bow

​The famous Patty C. bow is where you can enjoy some sun on our way to find the dolphins, the bow has cushions for lounging and tons of space for everybody. It is also the prime real estate for when we find our dolphin friends because there is so much area to move around for the best views and remarkable photos.

Roomy Interior
Roomy Interior

​We have lots of room, down below in the cabin for keeping any gear, changing, or staying dry during a passing rain storm.

Large Bathroom
Large Bathroom

Patty C. is equipped with an actual flushing toilet- which is called a “Marine Head” when on a boat. And while we are aware it is not everyone’s favorite topic, it is good to know that our bathroom is quite large (for a boat!) but more importantly that is very private and available at all times, so have no fear and stay hydrated!

Quiet Motors
Quiet Motors

​Patty C. is powered by two modern 4-stroke Yamaha motors, which provide quiet and clean propulsion that can push us right along at 15 knots and with the two motors, we have redundancy in both steering and power, and that’s always a good thing.