80,000 Years Ago the Florida Keys emerged from the Sea. Today, Honest Eco® is on the lookout for the next person who wants to discover their nature and work to carry on a tradition of amazing, educational eco tours and inspiring writing and imagery.

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Honest Eco is a growing company that operates two, six passenger maximum boats. Our guests join us for four hours for Dolphin Watching and Snorkeling, Kayaking and Snorkeling and Paddleboard Yoga and count on us for our excellent Customer Service and Environmental Education, which we believe are the pillars of our success and fundamentals in accomplishing our mission.

• Captain
• Guide
• Port Captain
• Writer
• Statistician
Captain & Natural History Guide

Captains at Honest Eco are the face of the crew and deliver on the Honest Eco promise of environmental education and outstanding customer service. Our captains are passionate and knowledgeable, and always friendly and interactive with our guests. They value seamanship, and are safe boat handlers- which encompasses preventative maintenance, and keeping the boat tidy and ship-shape, in a way that honors Neptune, god of the sea.


• OUPV | Drug Testing Consortium
• Unflappable customer service
• Passionate, knowledgeable and capable of sharing it twice a day everyday.
• Love to learn and grow as a person.
• Capable of performing boat maintenance