• The Crew
Our Crew

We are grateful for many things at Honest Eco, but nothing compares to our gratitude for the people who work to deliver on our promises and work towards our Company Vision - day in and day out!

Crew training starts on land with research and mission alignment before moving onto the water where we hone our seamanship skills and work to become as effective as possible at delivering on Honest Eco’s Purpose.

Our crew are expected to be continuously learning and pushing Honest Eco to be as environmentally responsible as possible.

Rob Gillis, Captain

Hailing from Gloucester, Massachusetts, Rob hatched in what is probably the most famous fishing town in the world. Knowing this, his love of the water could be argued to be in his blood, but his love of our warm tropical waters, to his wise mind. Unlike our local dolphins, Rob is of the pelagic type, spending a grea deal of his time traveling the world, which has given him the skills to provide genuine, gracious and considerate customer service, coupled with a genuine interest and knowledge of other cultures and places. Rob has a combination of skills and personality that make him a perfect fit to be a captain on our Honest Eco™ tours; from his skills as a boat handler to his possession of an abundance of knowledge on dolphins and the local ecosystem, and his natural intuition in sharing that information with interesting and well timed delivery, he truly sets the bar for us when it comes to running our professional Honest Eco™ tours.

Turner Harrison | Creative Director

Turner is the talent behind the original videos, music, and designs you’ll encounter with our small company. Though Turner was born in Tennesse, the confines of the state could not contain him and he was soon gone to explore the world. He has lived in Jamaica, France, Iceland, Czech Republic and even Key West, which is how we got to know him. Multilingual and passionate about wildlife are just a couple of the adjectives that we could use to describe him- the rest you can see in his work! Stay tuned on Facebook and Instagram and enjoy the Honest Eco nature videos and original scores, all thanks to Turner!

Jennifer Litmer, Yogi | Reservations

If the allure of a trip on the water wasn’t enough to entice you to call or write, then getting to have a chat with Jennifer should! In addition to being one of our yoga instructors for our Yoga at Sea trip, Jen handles all of the reservations and pre/post-trip customer service, and she’s great at it! Jen’s smile is so contagious that you can catch it over the phone and if you don’t hear her easy laugh, then it must have been your pocket that dialed- but don’t worry, she’ll call you back! Always happy to answer any question, give you an honest opinion on the weather, or to help you find your way to one of our boats, our quality of customer service is not contained to your time spent with one of our captains, it starts with Jen. In fact, Jen receives some of the best compliments we get and this is coming from guests who just experienced dolphins and kayak tours around mangrove islands! Jen does all of this and manages to see to the needs of her toddler, Anila, which might actually be considered easy when compared to managing her husband, Captain Billy… That’s right, we’ve got a husband and wife team aboard Honest Eco!

Billy Litmer, Captain | Founder

With Kentucky bluegrass roots and a B.S. in Biology, Billy found a world with a blue sea too alluring to ignore. He hopped on a Greyhound bus in 2005, with a backpack and a tent. Thirty Eight hours later he was on the side of a road in Key West. Not knowing where to pitch his tent or what to do next, but knowing that somehow he needed to be on the water.

Billy eventually packed up the tent, rented a room and experienced two hurricanes in as many months. After this and meeting personalities as powerful as the storms, Billy found his new home. With a passion for science- especially when related to the outdoors, a love of education, and a need for informality, Billy discovered that being a guide and a captain was one of the few things that could meet his requirements.

While Billy has stayed in an ashram while living and traveling in India, his first time doing yoga was on a paddleboard, trust us, this is proof that Yoga at Sea is for anyone that can breathe.