• Yogi & Reservationist
    Jennifer Litmer
Jennifer Litmer, Yogi | Reservations

If the allure of a trip on the water wasn’t enough to entice you to call or write, then getting to have a chat with Jennifer should! In addition to being one of our yoga instructors for our Yoga at Sea trip, Jen handles all of the reservations and pre/post-trip customer service, and she’s great at it! Jen’s smile is so contagious that you can catch it over the phone and if you don’t hear her easy laugh, then it must have been your pocket that dialed- but don’t worry, she’ll call you back! Always happy to answer any question, give you an honest opinion on the weather, or to help you find your way to one of our boats, our quality of customer service is not contained to your time spent with one of our captains, it starts with Jen. In fact, Jen receives some of the best compliments we get and this is coming from guests who just experienced dolphins and kayak tours around mangrove islands! Jen does all of this and manages to see to the needs of her toddler, Anila, which might actually be considered easy when compared to managing her husband, Captain Billy… That’s right, we’ve got a husband and wife team aboard Honest Eco!