The Dolphins are wild, unpredictable and do not have a set time that they will be in a certain area or doing a certain activity. We’ve been doing these Tours for 30 years twice a day. Our Captains are great at finding the Dolphins no matter what time of day. Choose the time that best suits your schedule because we never know what the dolphins will be up to until we are out there!

Every age is welcome and can enjoy our Eco Tours! We often have families that span three generations with infants, parents, and grandparents enjoying the wildlife that Key West has to offer. Sometimes, especially when families have very young children, families find the private charter option to be a good choice, while other times our open trip works perfectly.

Actually, No- you do not have to be able to swim to succeed at snorkeling. We have many guests who can enjoy snorkeling with zero to limited swimming abilities; however, if you are not a swimmer it is important that you approach the snorkeling portion with realistic expectations. Snorkeling is mostly about relaxing and being able to follow instruction, but for some guests, this is easier said than done and we totally understand. While we cannot promise that you will be able to snorkel if you cannot swim, we can promise that we will make every reasonable effort to patiently teach you and that we always take our guests to calm snorkeling spots based on the day’s weather. Additionally, if you’d rather hang out on the boat and enjoy the scenery during snorkeling, this a perfectly good way to enjoy yourself also!

Because we are fortunate to have great locations in Old Town Key West, and many of our guests are staying a short walk or bike ride away, we have not felt the need to have a shuttle. However, there are some recently renovated hotels on the New Town side of the island that some of our guests stay at. Most, if not all of these hotels offer a shuttle with a scheduled drop off location near Patty C. and if you ask will drop you off at E.O. Wilson as they pass us during their route. (E.O. Wilson has an easy landmark for a shuttle driver: Thai Island Restaurant, across the Palm Ave. bridge) As most of our trips will have other guests on board, please, as a courtesy to them, ensure that you know how to find your boat and arrive 15 minutes before scheduled departure. Thanks in Advance!

We watch wild dolphins from our boat so that we have the least impact possible. Therefore, we do not get into the water with the dolphins and our snorkeling is done in a different location. We do not think this should be disappointing, however, as we spend lots of time watching wild dolphins in their natural habitat while they go about their natural day. Additionally, the dolphins will often come close to the boat on their own accord offering fabulous views and making it easy for your captain to interpret their behaviors. Our focus is on a sustainable relationship with the wildlife we encounter, which means we always make decisions that balance the needs of the wildlife with our desires for an up close view.

​The only discount we offer is 10% off for our repeat guests. We only take small groups and strive to be the highest quality and ethical operators. We set a price based on what we believe is fair for ourselves and a great value for our guests.