About Us

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” - Jacques Yves Cousteau

Our Mission Statement

To Express Earth’s Ecosystems through Eco-Tours, Writing, and Imagery.

• To use amazing wildlife experiences to help foster conservation.

• Inspire ourselves and others to make decisions that include the good of the environment.

• Position ourselves as leaders in sustainable, mindful Eco Tours

Our Origins

Honest Eco’s first Eco Tour- Dolphin Watch The Key West Original, was born in 1986, when Ron Canning, a man with a vision of how wild dolphins and people should interact, started the first wild dolphin excursion on our island. With his oversight and the customized boat Patty C., Dolphin Watch became a Key West fixture. Now, after nearly thirty years of storied Dolphin Watch trips, we carry on this sense of high-quality discovery that Dolphin Watch is known for.

To expand our impact, and bring the quality Dolphin Watch is known for to other eco tour genres, we have added a second boat, E.O. Wilson, to run our Nature Watch Kayak & Snorkel Tour and our Yoga at Sea SUP yoga trip. We work hard to make Honest Eco™ famous for our genuine Key West Eco Tours.

About Us

Honest Eco™ is comprised of a core team of knowledgeable, passionate, and energetic crew members focused on providing our guests with the best possible Wild Dolphin experience, Kayak Tour, and SUP Yoga trip in the Florida Keys.

Through education and training led by our founding captain Billy Litmer, we invest in the knowledge, custom boats, quality gear, and skills necessary to guarantee an unforgettable experience for our guests. With more than a decade of experience on local waters and a university degree in biology, Billy possesses a deep understanding of the region’s stunning wildlife, which he and his crew work to share on a daily basis.

In the tradition of undersea explorer and conservationist Jacques Cousteau, our entire operation is based around a fundamental and defining respect for wildlife. Aligned with the legacy of our catamaran Patty C.—Key West’s pioneering dolphin watching boat, operating for three decades out of the historic seaport—we help our guests relate to, understand and interact with wildlife from a curious yet courteous proximity.

Customer Service

We treat you, our guests, just as we would in our own home. With attention to detail and a friendly sense of humor, we strive to answer any and all questions and create a comfortable experience. Between our environmental expertise and thoughtful hospitality, we provide a truly unique eco experience in the region.

​• Guided

• Friendly from the start!