• To make the Mold to make the hulls
    Building the Plug
  • to make One Boat!
    Two Hulls
  • Family Inspects our Work

While Watching Dolphins, the loudest noise Honest Eco’s electric boat makes comes from her water cooling pumps (and we can turn those off).

Introducing SQUID! One of the first Lithium Ion Battery, Electric Passenger boats in the USA.

We worked with David Walworth, an MIT educated Naval Architect and Principal Engineer known for his high efficiency catamaran designs to help design and engineer the perfect boat for our trips. We then packed up the family, moved west and spent the next year and a half of our lives building SQUID, from scratch!

• Built with Joe Kitchell of Left Coast Composites
• Top Speed 16 knots (18.5 mph)
• Lengh 36' with a Beam of 14'
• Powered by two 37 kw Electric Motors
• 64 Kilowatt Hours of Lithium Ion Batteries
• Sunflare CIGS Solar Panels
• Foam Core, Carbon, Fiberglass, Epoxy Infused