Reef Snorkel & Sunset

Snorkel the Reef

Florida’s Barrier Reef is right off the coast of Key West. We only provide this trip during a limited time, June through September, because we want to snorkel the reef when the weather is just right. Explore the wondrous wildlife that call Florida’s Barrier Reef home with one of our biologists as your guide. It truly is one of the most beautiful places you need to see while in the keys.

Simply a Sunset Sail (We’re leaving the Fluff at the Dock)!

Let’s face it- there are plenty of companies who will pour some wine into a plastic cup and they do a fine job at it, but at Honest Eco we only offer the things that we are passionate about, and for our crew that type of trip is just not us.

However, going out onto the ocean for a Sail (the original alternative energy transportation!), and enjoying Mother Nature center-stage while she concludes another beautiful Key West day… we ARE passionate about that!

Our mission is to Spread the Value of Conservation through Authentic (and sustainable) Nature Experiences and we think this trip helps us work towards that goal.

• Snorkel the Reef
• Enjoy the Sunset on Your way Home!
• 42' Sailing Catamaran
• 3 hour Trip w/ Organic Snacks
• $99 / Adult - $79 / Child (plus tax)
• BYOB Friendly!
• Fast, Spacious and Fun - 42' Length and 26' Wide
• Tons of Space to Hang out (Over 1,020 Square feet of deck space)
• Bathroom on Board
• June through September! *Limited Space!
Reef Snorkel & Sunset
Reef Snorkel & Sunset
Reef Snorkel & Sunset
Reef Snorkel & Sunset
Sailing Catamaran

Sailing is an amazing experience when you have the time! Starting Thanksgiving week of 2020 - We will be offering Simple Sunset Sails and our All The Above Trips aboard a fun 42’ Sailing Catamaran.