Wild Dolphin Guarantee

In addition to being the first wild dolphin tour on the island, we have been working hard to deliver the best dolphin experience on the island since 1986 but it doesn’t take thirty years in the industry to know that to be the best dolphin tour, the first thing you have to do is find the dolphins!

Like anything, great performance starts with good preparation and making the right decisions. We set ourselves up for success by focusing on the fundamentals and the details.

Excellent Vantage point for Captain and guests

The first thing you’ll notice when you see our customized boat, SQUID, is how high up the captain sits, this birds eye view coupled with a powerful set of binoculars gives us a huge advantage on those days where the dolphins are elusive.

Speedy Powerboat

We operate a quick electric powered catamaran SQUID.

We trained hard, and our crew run these trips for a living. We take pride in what we do, we are out there for our guests and for the dolphins. Learn more about our crew.

Wild Dolphin Guarantee

​If we don’t find dolphins on your 4 hour dolphin watch trip, we will issue you stand by passes so that you can come out with us again for free.

Stand By - if unreserved space is available.

We do not have a wild dolphin guarantee on our All the Above trip. Only because we sell out pretty quickly on this trip. It would be tough to do standby

​• Our success rate is over 95%

• Stand By Tickets for a Dolphin Watch and snorkel trip in the future.