Private Charters

Did you know you can charter our Catamaran SQUID, our Sailing Catamaran Blu Q or our 6 passenger boat COWFISH for just your family or small group? We call this a “private charter”!

With prices starting as low as $750 for a 4 hour trip on COWFISH, It might be more affordable than you think, and it is a great way to spend quality time with your people while on your vacation in Key West.

We have private charter options for all of our regularly scheduled eco tours and these can be booked online without assistance. We also offer custom trips when requested or for special occasions. Examples may be extending the time of one of our trips to include watching the sunset, or maybe a trip to a sand bar where we help arrange for catering. Since there are lots of options on customized private charters, it’s easiest to talk to Jen and Billy about what you are planning and we can go from there!

Call or Email Jen for more information!


• Regularly Scheduled Trips can be booked on-line as Private Charters
• Custom Private charters are available - Call or Email Jen!
• (305) 294-6306 -
• Sunset Time Slots Available Too!
• Options: Watch Dolphins/ Kayak/ Snorkel/ Sunset/ Sandbar
• Special rates for "slow" season. Rates start as low as $1195

Our Glacier Bay power catamaran is available for private charter starting June 1, of 2023.

With plenty of seating for your group of 6 or less, you can enjoy a fun and comfortable ride with just your crew and our captain. Cowfish cruises at around 20 knots, which is fast enough to get you to the snorkel spot, the sandbar, dolphins or maybe even all three in a 4 hour trip. She is designed for cruising the waters of the Pacific Northwest, and handles any conditions that we encounter with great ease.

COWFISH has a great platform and ladder for comfortably getting in and out of the water, and plenty of cooler space for your adult beverages.

Included is water and fresh fruit, and we can make arrangements for other catering options if you would like, or you can bring your own.

4 hour private charter $750 (includes Fuel, Gear, Water and Fruit)

To Book Cowfish:

Call 305-294-6306



We worked with David Walworth, an MIT educated Naval Architect and Principal Engineer known for his high efficiency catamaran designs to help design and engineer the perfect boat for our trips. We then packed up the family, moved west and spent the next year and a half of our lives building SQUID, from scratch!

Sailing Catamaran

Sailing is an amazing experience when you have the time! Join us aboard our Sailing Catamaran for our All The Above Trips that include Kayaking, Snorkeling, sailing and an organic lunch from Date and Thyme, or if you are in the mood for a relaxing evening while watching a beautiful sunset, we have options that vary throughout the year!