• Calm, Clear and Protected Waters

“The best way to see a fish, is to become a fish.” -Jacques Cousteau

We built SQUID to access protected, calm and clear snorkeling spots so that our crew can point out the most wildlife as they guide you on your snorkel.

• Quality Cressi Snorkel Gear that works

• Patient Instruction and Assistance, especially great for Novice and Beginner Snorkelers

Guided Snorkeling

“Ours is truly a blue planet - Water covers most of the world’s surface. Here, we are outsiders” -David Attenborough Life of Fish

Slip off of our swim platform and into another world, where you’ll observe a wondrous diversity of life in the last habitat that we haven’t made our own. You’ll be captivated by the snappers, angelfish, eels, crabs, lobsters, sponges and corals amongst others, and your understanding of our world will deepen.

Your mate will accompany you, casting an experienced eye on the surroundings, there to help explain
and unmask a novel ocean setting.

Quality Gear

Quality snorkeling equipment is every bit as important as you’d imagine!

All of our masks have soft silicone skirts that conform to all shapes and sizes of faces and because we’re a small group trip we have the time to make sure you have your equipment on correctly before you jump in.

We have “shorty” Akona wetsuits for the winter months.

We rely mostly on Cressi masks for Adults and Juniors. For Kids we use an Akona Joey mask. We also stock a few assorted styles for those with unique needs!

Snorkel Instruction

Not only do we want our guests to enjoy snorkeling, We NEED our guests to enjoy snorkeling! So we teach you how to use all of your gear and provides tips and pointers for how to be successful while snorkeling.

Patient Instructions prepare you for exploring!


Snorkeling Location

Our snorkeling spots change by the season and sometimes by the day.
Our experience has taught us that our guests have the best time when we
take them to a location offering the calmest and the clearest water for
the weather conditions. Sometimes this is a barrier reef or a gulfside
patch reef and other times a shallow water sponge garden; wherever we
decide to snorkel, our guests, both beginners and experienced, enjoy the
experience so much that they often stay in the water for up to an hour.

Mangroves and Sponge Gardens!

Our family went on the Kayak and Snorkel tour. It was fantastic! The crew was friendly, knowledgeable, and capable. Our family loves to snorkel and this was a new type of area for us (sponge gardens), it was so cool! Saw a lot of critters. The snacks provided were fresh and perfect for after snorkeling. The group size is kept small, so we had the boat to ourselves. The kids loved it - we are going on the Dolphin Watch next!

Great Tour, Dolphins, Snorkeling & Experience!

Our entire experience was great. The new hybird boat SQUID is pretty cool and in pristine condition. The size and shape of boat allows you to go to shallower areas that some of the other larger boats can’t go.

Katie was so knowledgeable about all the sea life. You could tell she was passionate about her work.

We snorkeled the sponge gardens of a National Preserve. Katie went in with us and showed us some things we probably wouldn’t have noticed without her. Also, of note, Honest Eco’s snorkeling gear was really nice and worked/fit well.

After snorkeling, Katie created a fruit tray to die for! The whole experience was very personable and intimate. Would highly recommend for couples or families. Note: we were traveling with our 13 yr. old.