Brady Stonesifer | Mate

Brady is from Baltimore Maryland, and attended the University of Michigan, (also known as the ivy league school of Michigan) where he played football all four years in his front yard with his roommates, and attended every school sanctioned Michigan home football game in the same period. In a feat that is nothing short of astounding, amidst Brady’s busy football schedule, he earned a BSc in Biology, specifically Coastal Ecology, which is one of his many attributes that makes him such a great member of the Honest Eco team.

Brady wound up in Key West when he learned about Reef Relief and the great work that they do in the Key West community, he was literally at a Michigan football game when this happened. After setting up a video interview and making the power move to wear a suit and tie for it, when most of us wear swim suits and flip flops, he was a shoe in for the Reef Relief position and he arrived to town shortly thereafter. We are forever indebted to Reef Relief for recruiting and getting this stellar person to move down!

As Brady hits his Key West stride, he has helped Honest Eco to successfully implement many of the new additions that our guests love, like the free underwater photos, the highly trained crew, the always immaculately maintained SQUID or the fact that we actually have our hand screen printed t-shirts and hats in stock!

If you have had the pleasure of Brady being the mate on one of your prior trips- look out! He is currently going through Captain’s school and may be your captain next time!